Chasing Monsters


Up close with the planet’s most dangerous underwater creatures.

Join extreme adventurer Cyril Chauquet as he ventures into a world of mysterious, dangerous, and colossal underwater creatures. From diving with a giant tiger shark in the Bahamas to dodging man-eating crocodiles while on the hunt for Africa’s largest freshwater fish, this adrenaline-packed returning series takes the viewer on incredible, globe-trotting challenges.

Cyril explores oceans, rivers, and lakes all over the planet, venturing into some of the most remote parts of the world to find the biggest fish he’s ever faced.

Whether he’s deep in Amazon, cast away on a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean chasing the toothy ‘Dienton’, forced to dodge raging hippos in the jungle of Central Africa or wading through shark infested waters in Tahiti, every episode is guaranteed to be packed with adventure, incredible sights, fascinating characters, and colossal fish!

Distributed by Beyond