Last of the Giants: Wild Fish


An explosive, premium reality-documentary series, Last of the Giants takes us on high-adrenaline, action-packed missions searching for the cold mountain titans of the ‘Great North’ and the jungle goliaths of the Amazon, as Cyril Chauquet and his team are dropped into the most hostile environments on earth.

Their purpose is to save species threatened by extinction, but they also need to survive extreme dangers as they search for legendary giants that have existed for tens of millions of years but that commercial overfishing and environmental factors have now put at risk.

They’re seeking the huge, armour-plated White Sturgeon, the prehistoric Pirarucu, and one of the most endangered freshwater goliaths on the planet: the hulking Piraiba.

It’s unfiltered, unguarded, extreme adventure as they’re pushed to their limits, braving wild weather, deadly wildlife, aggressive armed locals, sinking boats and more. But conservation and extreme fishing is their passion, and it’s vital if they’re to save some astonishing endangered species.